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Dataprotection.management is owned and managed by a team that have made a professional habit out of helping organisations of all types to better manage complaints and feedback. Our business is the coming together of two key areas of expertise - software design and cloud architecture coupled with a deep understanding of case management, as both a process and the practice of consumer redress.

Technology consists of two elements; firstly, the cloud and secondly, software development. Our experience of problem solving in casework management is the result of managing projects and designing systems for public bodies and large organisations where security and compliance are often overriding considerations.

Case management is a process and at the same time it is also the practice of customer service delivery. As a process it needs to be simple, repeatable and consistent. As a practice it needs to demonstrate high standards of customer care and the ability to listen and fairly address each case.

The UX design of the software is intuitive and simple so that even occasional users are able to initiate the creation of a new case, with consistent data collection assured every time. The solution systemises case management so that from data collection via any channel that a case is raised, through to resolution, each incident is properly managed every time, and in line with the client’s internal policy and to the satisfaction of external regulators.

With in excess of 25 years’ experience in the field, the founders of the company continue to steer the business so it remains true to itself. Put in its most simple form, this is to help our clients to do a better job of case management and to leverage it as a strategic practice. The process of performing case management is simplified and made more efficient. Data analysis yields intelligence to assist management decision making and drives Quality Management and Continual Improvement.

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Expertise from acknowledged GDPR case management thought leaders

Event driven user interface, guides caseworkers through the process, step by step, ensuring staff always know what to do next

Easy to use and secure with powerful integration features for rapid roll out

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