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Data protection management is not a standalone process, which operates in isolation from the rest of your organisation. Our smart GDPR case management solution exchanges data freely and easily as required with other applications. Development options include allowing you to implement self-service portals to let stakeholders efficiently manage casework online. Whether it’s importing raw data or exporting KPIs into other applications, or anything in between,our GDPR case management software provides all the tools you need to let you integrate the solution with the other software used across your organisation. It can be integrated with client & back office systems, social media, email & telephony systems, mobile apps, content management systems, postal delivery systems, staff directories & single sign-on, document management systems and calendering & office tools.


Data-protection management provides a range of REST style web-services that allow both update and query operations such as case creation or adding case notes.

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Email API

You can configure your account to scan incoming emails to a mailbox of your choice.

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Single Sign-on

We provide single sign-on both for caseworkers and customers over either SAML v2.0 or an OpenId Connect compatible identity providers.

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Expertise from acknowledged GDPR case management thought leaders

Event driven user interface, guides caseworkers through the process, step by step, ensuring staff always know what to do next

Easy to use and secure with powerful integration features for rapid roll out

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