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GDPR case management provides a range of REST style web-services that allow both update and query operations such as case creation, adding case notes or retrieving case details to be invoked remotely. The REST services are provided as HTTPS end-points that can be invoked directly with one or more parameters via a GET or POST request. Authentication uses either OAuth2 or a signature hash, based on an API key pair managed in your system. Each service returns an XML or JSON document whose contents vary depending on the operation performed. To enforce further security restrictions for REST web service calls, it is possible to limit the use of each allocated key pair to requests made from certain specified IP addresses.

APIs available in Data Protection Management

  • CreateCase: Create a new case and upload files & attachments. This API allows any case type configured in your system to be created via the API. The API automatically reflects any configuration changes to your case types and so is fully extensible as your processes evolve;
  • GetReport: Access reports defined in your Case Management Platform, outputing JSON, XML or CSV. Simply utilise our powerful ad-hoc Reporting facility to export data relating to cases, tasks, correspondence or customers using defined criteria, then reference the report in the API;
  • CreateAction: Create or complete an action, task or form on one of your cases;
  • CreateCaseNotes: Add case notes to cases;
  • GetCaseDetails: Access all core and custom case information for a particular case;
  • GetCustomerCases: List all cases for a given customer;
  • UpdateCorrespondenceSent: Update correspondence in your system to reflect the real date sent to your customers;
  • UpdateExternalId: Update external IDs recorded against your cases; and,
  • UploadData: Upload bulk data into your system, for customers, cases, users, value lists, and look-up data such as product and brand data.

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